Brian in 1970
New York Times Best Selling Author
Brian Daley, author

Brian Daley on dock in Arnold, MD

"Not a bad planet, as a matter of fact. Practicing law for money there will earn you public impalement."

"Space and Thyme Ragout"

"A grand spree across Immensity"

From Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds

That evening he returned home, supposedly from visiting Jack McKinney, a former squadmate in the LURPs.   

 From Doomfarers
 of Coramonde

Brian's Recordings:

@ Derek McGinty Show 7/12/93
@ Derek McGinty 7/12/93 longer version

@ Jersey City College 1990
@ Jersey City College 1990 video

@ SW celebrity panel

@ Mark Steiner Show

In case you've worn out your copies of these two Daley classics, they have been re-issued:  Doomfarers of Coramonde and its sequel, Starfollowers of Coramonde

Or purchase audio recordings at Books in Motion

Even though Brian died in 1996 of pancreatic cancer at the age of 49, this is his official website. 

He led and inspired the nation,
This praiseworthy son of creation,
But although we'll all miss him,
It's time to off-kiss him,
In the int'rests of good sanitation!

From Jinx on a Terran Inheritance
by Brian Daley

"You think a little thing like death is going to slow us down?" 

Han Solo, per Brian Daley

First, a message from Brian:

Greetings...and farewell.

I hope and believe that I'll be forgiven by all of you whom I didn't contact personally since the diagnosis of my cancer.  The hardships of treatment combined with the pressures of preparation for my operation left little time to collect thoughts and calm, and I simply couldn't make all the calls and write all the letters it would have taken to contact everyone for whom I care and who, I know, cares for me.  You were in my thoughts, and now I'm in yours; that will have to suffice us in this imperfect world.

Your good thoughts and prayers would be welcome now no less than when I was alive.  I hold it as an article of faith that there are many paths to the Light, and one day we'll get to do the catching up we missed this time around.

My love and best wishes to all.  My life, even these last days, has been one of exceptional good fortune, luminous joys and gifts, and the people who came to be important to me were foremost among these.

Until we meet again...


Here is a postscript to Brian's letter and to the essay about his ashes: 
     A friend asked for some of his cremains to scatter in an unusual place.  In 2003, when a memorial to the Indian combatants was added at the site of the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, its designers included a stone opening as a Spirit Gate to welcome the dead, both Indian and Anglo.   However, members of some tribes feel that the existence of such a doorway poses a danger to this world. 
     They asked my friend to put dust from a grave in the portal to seal it shut and protect our earthly plane.  The friend, who has read Brian's books, thinks Brian would accept the "challenge and the duty of protecting our world  from an inter-dimensional rift."   He could be right.  Brian had a soldier's heart. 
    As my friend put it, "Brian will help to guard the portal and keep anything bad from happening."  He went on to say,  "Brian has the hard work... I just have to drive to Montana." 
Message to Brian from the Star Wars radio cast: 
You may link to and download this mp3 recording of message sent to Brian from the cast of the NPR recordings of Star Wars because he was not at their final recording session.  Brian wrote the script and included extra background scenes that you never saw in the movies. This message was received the day after he died. JediCastMessages. Note: the message doesn't start until 15 seconds into the file. Click here for the preface to this recording by Anthony Daniels (C3PO).

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Still Quant would've piped Satan aboard with twenty-one guns and  two dozen sideboys if it had held promise of keeping his ship safe.

Wavelets closed around the dome like silty champagne, and the WHOAsuit sank beneath water as murky as Lucifer's id.

Hippo was the engineer who had tinkered together Aquamarine's first muscle car to amuse himself during the survey mission.  Powered by semi-alive bundles of freshwater mollusk muscle from the Trans-Bourne and galvani stones from  the Scourlands...

From GammLAW , Broken Country

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